26 is a magic number

Today, I am

*a baker’s dozen twice over
*the day of the month when you remember to pay your rent, but five days before you actually pay it
*forty-three percent as old as Rod Stewart, to the day

Let that be a subtle reminder to gather ye rosebuds and siamese cats while ye may.



One Response to “26 is a magic number”

  1. planarians Says:

    I just hate blogs! Or at least blogs as a means of not writing or talking to me. sniff. sniff.

    But I love pictures of half-naked Rod Stewarts with a cat and rosebud sheets.

    Look! You have a comment! Yay comment! It’s my 2nd to last day of work here. YAYAYAYAYAYA.

    And dude, you made me sign up just to give comments.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Go sheep, go!

    And what about the picture of Kate with horns? Or Zombie prom queen Kate?

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