Endangered hairstyles in the wild

I’m not exactly in a position to make citizen’s arrests on behalf of the fashion police (my mug shot is plastered all over their HQ under the words WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, riddled with dart holes). But just because I have been known to dress entirely in denim, that doesn’t mean I don’t suffer an involuntary cringe when I cross paths with something like this on my morning commute:

Seeing this hairstyle worn totally devoid of irony is a little like discovering a baby stegosaurus with a broken leg: you’re simultaneously shocked, incredulous, and afraid your karma will implode if you don’t take it home and nurse it back to health. This particular specimen was either surprised to be out in public or tragically under-moussed; it quivered like a frightened porcupine perched atop the head of an otherwise seemingly normal fellow commuter. But she was clearly anything but. I have my own pet theories as to her true purpose (renegade time traveler hell bent on returning to 1988 with the single greatest invention of the past eighteen years: the silicon oven mitt), but for now, she and her hair are stalking Boston.

…Holy crap, 1988 was eighteen years ago. You can fit a college freshman in the space between now and the time when you could watch ‘Muppet Babies’ on Saturday mornings.

Mmm. Muppet Babies.

So friggin’ cute.



4 Responses to “Endangered hairstyles in the wild”

  1. barbie Says:

    It’s the anti-mullet! (party in the front, business in the back). Awesome! We must find another picture for you as I do not recognize you (has it really been that long?) Also, I’m pretty sure we’re year of the monkey, but I could be wrong (not bloody likely!) Apparently I now have another blog to read each day.

  2. J Says:

    Perhaps the hair was just sad to have lost its time-traveler garb somewhere in the journey between ’88 and the present day. After all, who amoung us wouldn’t mourn the loss of gloves like those?

  3. JFCC Says:

    Muppet Babies was one of the best cartoons ever, and definitely my favorite Saturday morning cartoon. Whoever is responsible for it not being available on DVD should be dragged out into the street and shot.

    At least Danger Mouse is finally on DVD.

  4. Anonymous Says:

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