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"It’s your blog, Kate–something’s gotta be done about your blog!"

April 21, 2006

Yes, I know. If for no other reason than to get that smug Maidenform woman farther down the page, so that, every time I load my own blog (which I do quite often, as it contains an incredibly convenient list of my daily must-read links, and clicking on a link is just SO much faster than typing a URL), I do not hear her homicidally perky little voice in the back of my head:

Smug Maindenform Woman: You’re going to be one of those people who blogs for exactly two months and then never touches it again.

Me (totally indignant): Nuh Uh. I’m just…busy.

SMW: So busy that you have, let’s see, how many sites that you “must read” every day?

Me (utterly indignant, but unable to keep shame out of voice): Whatever! I’m just, you know, not really…inspired.

SMW: Tut tut!

Me: What do I have to do to get you to shut up?

SMW: You’re doing it right now.

Me: You mean…this whole time, I’ve had the power to make you go away, and all I had to do was start blogging again?

SMW: Oh honey.

Me: Wipe that smug off your face. You’re the one who’s wearing a strapless bra. Sucker.

SMW: Oh, you miserable girl.