Incomplete sentences: brought to you by Netflix


Totally functions as a piece of early-nineties nostalgia, still has some amazingly funny dialog. Will forever be cherished for introducing both “Don’t be that guy” and a proto-Ari Gold into the cultural lexicon.

No characterization whatsoever. During supposed ‘nice moment’ at end where the Piv gets back with his womyn, spend the entire scene actively not caring.

Makes one reflect on Animal House as actual good piece of screenwriting that it is. Movie is ALL ABOUT characters changing: Otter getting the shit kicked out of him, Pinto getting laid, Flounder sacrificing car, Bluto bagging Babs.

Realizing Animal House is good example, though counterintuitive, feels good. Validating. Like finding out the Deltas flossed regularly.



4 Responses to “Incomplete sentences: brought to you by Netflix”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Animal House about the characters changing? The characters don’t change when they have these experiences; either their ids gets satisfied or their shallow, ideal lives get thrashed by the rest of the world, and it gives them a view of adulthood. The characters stay the same, in fact excluding the initiates who want to be accepted and get laid–the heroes DON’T WANT to change.

    What’s great about Animal House is that the heroes are so cruel, even to each other. They are united by their appreciation of their own selfishness and hedonism and suspended adolescence and by not being hypocrites by trying to pose as more than that. Frat life isn’t pretending to be about anything more than good times and the highs before having to be responsible.

    Also, “don’t be that guy” was not an uncommon phrase when PCU came out, only Jeremy Piven’s character got to apply it to the guy who wears the T-shirt of the rockband he is going to see–which has to be one of the best application of that phrase.

    Another good application would be for the guy who tactlessly criticizes someone’s blog movie review, by posting his own interpretation.

  2. Kate Racculia Says:

    Dear anonymous (aka “That Guy”),

    In the face of your more comprehensive critical approach to ‘Animal House,’ my facile argument that the Deltas “change” has been exposed as the embryonic point that it was. So the Deltas don’t change, ever, and that’s exactly why we love them. I guess the difference between PCU and Animal House (other than, you know, one is a classic and the other…not so much) is that Animal House actually has characters that, while cruel and base (“Bluto drink” is basically the John Landis version of “Hulk smash”), are developed characters. That they choose to revert to their original nature (to “fly their freak flags,” in the common parlance) after they have undergone a few trials only makes them more iconic.

    Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry about bogarting your blog there, you’re a good sport. Waiting for your review of Zardoz…

  4. Adam Says:

    Yo, I’m checking your blog and you haven’t posted in like forever, man. I was going to link you. What gives? Haven’t seen any weirdness or shocking wisdom in movies lately?
    –That guy

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