So this is Christmas, etc.

And what have I done with this blog? Statistically, very little: I’m running a rate of one point six repeating posts per month, a skewed statistic that’s even more pathetic when you consider that the majority of posts occurred in the first month or two of blogging. To those who read my blog faithfully, poked me gently with a sharpened stick when I first began to slack, threw your hands in the air when it became apparent that this sucker was DoA, and then unceremoniously dumped me from your daily time-wasting itinerary: I have…something I want to say.

I want to be better, baby. You know, when we first met, everything was exciting and new…I had just turned 26, the world of investment marketing was my oyster, and I had big hopes. I know you did, too, but sometimes, life has these other plans for us, baby–big, shiny, other plans. I didn’t want us to be distant, to be cold, and I know there was that week, or that month, when I was more focused on catching up on Battlestar Galactica than I was on you, but seriously, if you cared about me at all, you’d realize that sexy android-led genocide with a side of Olmos can make people…change. I guess that what I’m trying to say is that I’m sorry, baby, that I dallied with that other hussy, but I can’t give it up. Not yet. There’s something so magical about each of you–you’re both so special, so unique, that I was over my head, overthinking everything, when I should have been trusting my heart every single day. Instead I fell under the merciless wheels of anxiety that said I ought to post nothing but shining, pithy rubies that glittered in the inky black firmament that is the interweb. I’m over that now. I’m gonna post about random crap all the time–random crap from my heart.

Come back to Ike, baby. It’s gonna be different this time.



One Response to “So this is Christmas, etc.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t wait!

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