How do you mend a broken blog?

It’s high freaking time that I returned to regular updates on this beast, particularly as 2010 looms before me, which shall hereafter be known as 2010: YEAR OF AWESOME, aka the year I (personally) turn 30 and see the publication of my first novel*, and a plethora of assorted ADDITIONAL awesome befalls those nearest and dearest to me, that I, lucky girl, shall bask in second-hand.
OH 2010.  You’re such a lovely number, really – the way your first two digits are a number twice as large as your last two.  You’re nearly binary.  Um.  Maybe this is why I stepped away from regular personal blogging: because I am lame at it.
Anyway.  Hi again, world!

One Response to “How do you mend a broken blog?”

  1. thatjennie Says:

    Congratulations about the novel! That’s awesome! Details?

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